The Shiva Panchaksharam Edition

Was Shiva really blue in colour? 🧐
What did he do when he got angry? 👿
Why does he have a snake around his neck? 🐍

'Na-Ma-Shi-Va-Ya' are 5 magical syllables called the Pancha-aksharaas. Each corresponds to an element, namely; earth, wind, water, fire, and space.

Kids learn this beautiful stotra composed by Adi Shankaracharya & explore the Shiva tattva within!

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The Shiva Tattva in your child

Through engaging processes, and chanting made fun with actions and stories, kids explore the Shiva within!

  • 1
    Shiva's 3rd eye indicates alertness. Sanskrit shlokas when chanted regularly, do just that!
  • 6 pack abs & mental fitness describes Shiva best! Kids meditate, just like Shiva!
  • 3
    Each shloka comes with a Puranic story on Shiva. And a quiz of course!
  • 4
    Kids make the Pancha-Akshara dangler to sum up the mantra's essence and get creative!

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Making Shlokas relevant to kids...

"The way you used games and stories to make them understand the shloka and make it relevant to them was fabulous. It’s not just a by-hearted shloka they are forced to learn. You handed a bit of our culture in an environment they belong here which is devoid of influences in the surrounding."

Surabhi Seth, Vihaan and Dhriti's mother

Few of our Bholanaths!

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