We all know that Sanskrit shlokas are timeless, beautiful & full of meaning. But simply parroting them is of no great use!

So, how do you pass on the ancient wisdom contained in these little gems to today's kids and make it thoroughly enjoyable? Well, that's exactly what we've been doing with our SHLOKAS MADE FUN series. You can thank us later!

Our unique approach has made us quite the hit amongst Indian kids from all over the world. Whether it is our various LIVE WORKSHOPS or our first-of-its-kind ONLINE COURSE, we have successfully managed to make kids fall in utter love with mantras and their essence!

Shlokas Made Fun

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    Our series of weeklong Live Workshops are engaging and interactive. Kids learn important life skills and fall in love with shlokas, through stories, activities, human values, and laughter! 💕


    Want your child to register right away for one of our fabulous editions? Check out the schedule of editions coming up. We have separate batches for ages 4-6 years and 6-12 years.

Here's a sneak peek into our engaging Live workshops!

Shlokas Made Fun

Kids are so busy! Adjusting the Live Workshops into their timetable can pose a challenge. So here's the solution. A first-of-its-kind, self-paced course with lifetime access, full of engaging videos, and insightful task sheets making up a Shloka Journal jam-packed with human values in a way that kids enjoy best! Anytime, anywhere!

Can Shlokas really be fun?

A 100% yes. The benefits of chanting mantras are deep. From clarity in speech to purity in thought and everything in between. But often, they are presented uninterestingly to kids. With our carefully curated and skillfully delivered content, we ensure that your kids fall in absolute love with shlokas.

Ancient wisdom that is not taught in schools.

"My son totally loved it! Something that might seem complicated and boring for kids has been made super fun and engaging by Priya and Varsha. I am very glad to have found this. Our kids need to learn about our ancient wisdom which is unfortunately not taught in schools."


Complicated stuff made super engaging!

"I was not sure how she would perceive it, but to my utter surprise, she loved it. The way Priya & Varsha conducted the sessions left my daughter wanting more. She recites the Shlokas taught every day. The best part was the stories which even got me hooked."

Priyanka, Riddhi's mother

These values should reach every child!

"Dharaa remained glued to the screen throughout the workshop. She has learnt important values like honesty, caring for others, and being there for friends through shlokas explained very well with meanings and stories. As a parent, I feel that this was screen time well spent."



The perfect little introduction to Sanskrit shlokas for kids. Pass on the timeless Indian tradition of Vedic Sanskrit shloka chanting to your children.

  • Shlokas for all little things through the day

  • Printed on tear-proof paper with soft edges

  • Colourful illustrations as cute as its readers


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