The Sankatahara Ganesha Edition

How did Ganesha balance on his tiny mouse? 🐭
What do his weapons Pasha Ankusha signify? ⚔️
Can Ganesha really write with two hands? ✍️

Ganesha's big ears, big belly, and even the snake tied around it signify a human value! Kids decode Ganesha's secrets to overcoming obstacles in the way of their dreams with this Stotra from the Narada Purana.  

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The Ganesha rahasya

He smells of sandalwood, loves desserts and has a sharp intellect! Ganesha's body, his contrasting Vaahan, each signify something special.

  • 1
    Ganesha's big tummy represents abundance. Kid's learn about 'seva'.
  • 2
    An elephant's memory comes from its art of listening. Kids learn to fan away negativity.
  • 3
    'Ganaraja' means the leader of all groups. Kids explore leadership skills.
  • 4
    Ganesha is linked to our Mooladhar chakra which is activated by drum beats.

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"Nyra enjoyed the stories and the love and enthusiasm with which they were narrated. The beautiful depiction of the shlokas with hand gestures linked to classical Indian dance, made the shloka enjoyable and so easy to recollect."

Surabhi, Nyra's mother
New Delhi, India

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