The Ramachandra Ashtakam Edition

Why did Lord Ram have a million challenges? 🧐

Was Hanuman stronger than Lord Ram? 💪🏿

How come Ram was compassionate even towards his enemies? 👹

Lord Ram was born a prince but was forced into an adventurous journey in the Dandakaranya forest. He never gave up, made many friends and was always sided with the truth.

Kids learn from Lord Ram's life and chant the lovely rhyming Ashtakam describing Ramayana.

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The righteous Ram in your kid

Through engaging games, and rhyming chants made fun with mudras and rare Ramayana stories, kids explore the Ram within!

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    Rama trusted his instincts. Kid's learn about 'self-confidence' through fun activities.
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    We multiple roles. Kids analyse on which roles they play well and ones they can improve.
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    'Sakale Samaanam' is treating everyone with equal respect. Kids learn through stories.
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    Lakshmana stayed awake for 14 years. Kids learn the secret to alertness and focus pranayama.

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Making Shlokas relevant to kids...

"The way you used games and stories to make them understand the shloka and make it relevant to them was fabulous. It’s not just a by-hearted shloka they are forced to learn. You handed a bit of our culture in an environment they belong here which is devoid of influences in the surrounding."

Surabhi Seth, Vihaan and Dhriti's mother

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