The Food, Teachers and Superheroes Edition

Who was India's first-ever superhero? 🦸🏻‍♂️
Why are teachers called Gurus? 📖
What are the types of ayurvedic foods? 🥦

Children learn daily Sanskrit shlokas to feel thankful for the many comforts such as abundant food and storybooks! They learn the fear-overcoming-shloka in this powerful edition along with inspiring stories from Indian mythology.

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The energies that nourish us

Food nourishes our body, knowledge fuels our mind, and courage nurtures our goals. Kids learn shlokas on each of these aspects of nourishment.

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    Kids explore the journey of food and thank Annapoorni devi.
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    A guru is given the highest honour in Indian tradition. Kids acknowledge their many gurus.
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    Sanskrit chants calm the mind and help overcome a child's fears.
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    Kids do a world peace meditation because it's a small world after all.

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Making ancient Indian wisdom child-friendly...

"My son totally loved it! Something that might seem complicated and boring for kids has been made super fun and engaging by Priya and Varsha. I am very glad to have found this. I think our kids need to learn about our ancient wisdom which is unfortunately not taught in schools."

Hemali, Kabir's mother

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