The Dreams Health and Planets Edition

Do planets affect our luck? 🪐
Which shloka keeps diseases away? 💉
How to be free from nightmares? 👿

Kids learn powerful Sanskrit shlokas to stay healthy, lucky, and get sweet dreams!

Full of the Puranic stories and engaging activities, kids make their own cough syrup!

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The Divinity in mother nature

'Ishaavasyam Idam Sarvam' is the essence of Indian culture. This mantra means there is divinity in every aspect of the universe. Kids love this Nature-special shloka edition. 

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    Sanskrit shlokas calm a child's mind and empower them during challenges.
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    Kids honour nature through shlokas. They recognise the divinity in trees, waves, and even mud!
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    Kids explore the qualities of the sun and the powerful surya namaskars.
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    Is there a mantra to be chanted in the bathroom too? Yes there sure is!

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Making your child enjoy Indian traditions...

"Neha has always been curious about Indian culture. This workshop made her feel proud to be Indian by origin. She still chants the shlokas she learnt so many months ago. She now asks me interesting questions about our Gods and Goddesses. We are exploring the answers together!"

Jayashree Rajesh, Neha's mother

Our young dreamers!

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