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    Priya crafts creative content full of humor. She is our superstar storyteller & author of The Little Shloka Book.

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    Varsha is an emotional intelligence coach. She is gifted with the unique ability to gamify any life skill. 

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    Aseem dabbles in all things tech. Lover of design, UX, and code, he is the invisible shakti that makes us tick.

The 'Adbhuta' moment over falafels...

As a child, Priya was super curious about Indian culture and all its vibrant traditions. She kept asking questions about the meanings of Sanskrit mantras and the purpose of Indian rituals to her parents and grandmother. Most answers made a lot of sense. Soon she fell in love with gods and goddesses which as she grew older, she recognized as one universal energy. Priya is a natural storyteller with a flair for abhinaya (expressions) for which she credits her Bharatanatyam background. 

Varsha is a life skills teacher and an Emotional Intelligence coach for children and teens. With years of teaching experience, she is proficient in understanding the Gen Z mindset. She is gifted with the unique ability to gamify any life skill! 

Priya ran into Varsha while conducting a Kandil (Indian lantern) making workshop for kids. The workshop had mythological stories around Diwali, and of course, involved making the Kandil itself including the electrical fittings. The kids were crazy happy. So were Priya and Varsha! They decided to team up and curate more well-rounded Indian cultural experiences with their powers combined. 

Over the yummiest of falafels, they came up with the concept of presenting shlokas with a unique amalgamation of age-old wisdom packaged in an extremely fun way. It is safe to say that they are technically challenged and that's the cue for Aseem's entry into the scene. Frontend developer by the day, he is a one-man army for all things design and tech.

They teamed up to make what is called the 'Shlokas Made Fun' series. Here, life skills are conveyed using Sanskrit shlokas and Indian mythology as a Vaahan (vehicle). Through the Live Workshops and the first-of-its-kind Pre-recorded Online Course, the 'Shlokas Made Fun' series has reached out to kids all over India and in countries like the USA, Singapore, UK, Australia. Parents are so thrilled and share that it has deepened their child's understanding of Indian roots along with broadening their world vision.

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